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As noted on “About” the author of this web page is currently Head of Solar Thermal for the renewable energy consulting group ITP Energised .  ITP has carried out many  CSP related projects, most of these are commercial in confidence to the clients involved. Some key studies which are in the public domain (see

A detailed 2012 study on “Realising the Potential for Concentrating Solar Power in Australia” was completed for the Australian Solar Institute (now merged into the Australian Renewable Energy Agency –

The full report can be downloaded here:


And the summary for stakeholders, which is a reformatted version of the executive summary of the main report can be down loaded here:


Building on this a 2013 project produced a set of solar data and project files for using the NREL SAM model for CSP systems in Australia:

A previous study on CSP in India was carried out for the then Australian Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, working in collaboration with the Indian Government Ministry of New and Renewable Energy:

CSP in India Final

A 2015 study on cost reduction potential for CSP in Australia, produced for Abengoa;

Pathways to Solar Thermal Electric cost reduction Perspectives from the Abengoa Perenjori Study

A study for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency on the potential for renewable energy to replace gas for industrial users covers the potential for CST systems to provide industrial process heat: