This web page and URL is owned and authored by Keith Lovegrove of Canberra Australia. Keith  is currently the head of solar thermal for the renewable energy consulting group ITP Energised. Previously he was leader of the Solar Thermal Group at the Australian National University, in that context he was the lead inventor and team leader for the design and construction of the 500m2 Big Dish Solar concentrator. This web page does not purport to represent the views of either IT Power or the Australian National University. It does not directly offer any service or product for sale. Instead it is intended as a portal and archive for material he has contributed to, related to a solar energy technology with great future potential for application in the sunbelt countries of the world. IT Power does however offer consultancy services in the area of concentrating solar power and can be contacted at  info@itpenergised.com or    info@itpau.com.au